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Ignitor Wire Repair Part 03610

Product Code: 03610
In Stock
Price: $10.98
47" Wire With Female Spade And Square Plastic Connectors, Used With Battery Powered Spark Generators. This MCM BBQ Ignitor Wire Repair Part 03610 fits various BBQ Grillware, Brinkmann, Centro, Charbroil, Chargriller, Charmglow, Coleman, Cuisinart, DCS, Grand Cafe, Grill Chef, Grill King, Grill Mate, Kenmore, King Griller, Kmart, Master Chef, Master Forge, Nexgrill, OCI, Outdoor Gourmet, Patio Range, Perfect Flame, Sams, Saturn, Turbo, Uniflame, XPS BBQ's and Grills. Weight: 0.4 lb(s).
Brand BBQ Grillware
Brand Brinkmann
Brand Centro
Brand Charbroil
Brand Chargriller
Brand Charmglow
Brand Coleman
Brand Cuisinart
Brand DCS
Brand Grand Cafe
Brand Grill Chef
Brand Grill King
Brand Grill Mate
Brand Kenmore
Brand King Griller
Brand Kmart
Brand Master Chef
Brand Master Forge
Brand Nexgrill
Brand OCI
Brand Outdoor Gourmet
Brand Patio Range
Brand Perfect Flame
Brand Sams
Brand Saturn
Brand Turbo
Brand Uniflame
Brand XPS
Material Other

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